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  • 10/5/2011
  • 5/23/2011
  • 2/18/2011
     Website Ordering Changes
     Silk Powder Update
  • 2/3/2011
     What's new?
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  • 7/27/2010
     Simple, Soft & Smoky Eyes
  • 2/15/2010
  • 6/18/2009
     The 5 Minute Smokey Eye
  • 5/8/2009
  • 4/15/2009
     5 Minutes to Natural Mineral Beauty
  • 3/6/2009
     Avoid These Makeup Mistakes
  • 1/16/2009
     Sales and New Product Alerts
     Nano Particle Information
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     Vacation Makeup
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     Spring/Summer Makeup
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  • 2/23/2008
  • Date: 10/5/2011
    *The October Website sale will be 15% off any 5g mineral eye shadow

    We have a winner for our antiACNE Gel Facebook Giveaway for September.
    Congratulations to: Marjon Scheffer of Scarborough, QueenslandOur

    Random Drawing for the October Giveaway will be a free mineral eye shadow of your choice from the above eye shadows, packaged in our standard 5 gram sifter jars and shipped worldwide for free. This random drawing will be done on November 1 for all of our Facebook Fans. Please LIKE US on Facebook before that date to have your name included in the drawing. Look for the winner to be announced in our blog and in a Facebook Status Update on our wall.

    We now are offering Rotating Sifters for 20 gram and 30 gram jars. You can order these sifters separately or with a jar set. ROTATING SIFTER JARS

    CLOSING NOTE: We will be closed Thursday October 6 through Monday October 10. Orders can be placed during this time, however packaging and shipping will be done on a first come-first serve basis beginning on Tuesday October 11.

    Follow our BLOG for Information, Polls, Give-A-Ways & Periodic Discounts

    LIKE us on FACEBOOK to be included in free giveaways and drawings

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    Date: 5/23/2011
    Title: NEW BLOG
    Our new Blog can be found at
    Links are on the bottom of our Main Page and under the left navigation Information column.

    This new blog replaces this Newsletter/Blog you are currently reading. We will no longer maintain this page, eventually removing it entirely.

    Please follow us on our new blog to keep up to date on new products, product changes, makeup techniques & trends, cosmetics in general and my favorite beauty news.

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    Date: 2/18/2011
    Title: Website Ordering Changes
    You may have noticed that we are condensing the ordering process. We hope this is more convenient for you to order from. If you have any problems, please let us know. So far, we have made changes to Foundations, Concealers, Blush, Glow & Bronzer and Mineral Finishing Veil. I will finish Eye Shadows today and have the new lip gloss listed by the end of next week.

    I will be moving the category Clear/Control/Prime products: faceCLEAR Blemish Control Powder, faceCONTROL Oil Control Powder and facePRIME Silk Powder as a subcategory named Powders under Skin Care. Skin Care then with have two subcategories: Powders and Liquids.

    Finally, I am entering weights into all products and I will begin testing the real-time shipping calculator next week in order to provide all customers with more accurate shipping charges that are automatically calculated while ordering.

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    Date: 2/18/2011
    Title: Silk Powder Update
    We are pleased to report that we have found a new source for our authentic milled silk powder. Our prices have been reduced on our product facePRIME Silk Powder to reflect our new costs. Thank you for your patience as we re-sourced this product.
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    Date: 2/3/2011
    Title: What's new?
    Face Value now has a FACEBOOK Fan Page. Please click to 'like' us and become a fan. As we accumulate fans, our plan is to provide a monthly newsletter or blog to our fans, update you on new products and offer special discounts.

    If you use our facePRIME silk powder you will have noticed an increase in the price. That is because our price to buy this ingredient has experienced a huge increase. I am searching for new suppliers & better prices. I hope to be able to reduce the price in the near future.

    Price Reduction Alert: All brushes have been reduced in price. Check them out!

    Finally, we are out of lip gloss. There are 3 new shades in production. All natural, moisturizing and mineral tinted. We plan to package them in mini-lip gloss vials with wand applicator and offer them individually and in sets of 3. Look for them to be available for sale by the end of February.

    Thanks for reading my blog and I look forward to seeing you on FACEBOOK!
    Nancy Erb, Proprietor

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    Date: 1/8/2011
    We are very pleased to introduce our new anti-acne gel. This is a natural, unscented gel that is oil-free and paraben -free. The botanical extracts used in the gel provide reduced sebum production with regular use. Our initial packaging is a .67oz treatment pump bottle, however, we may increase the size of the packaging of this product if desired by our customers. We feel this is an important addition to our product line given the popularity of our faceCONTROL and faceCLEAR powders.

    Another new product for us to offer is the Dead Sea Mineral Mud. We feel that the benefits of this mud, used as a facial mask will be of interest to all of our customers. This product is offered in a limited production, again to see how this product is received by our customers. Our new moisturizing skin care line has been carefully formulated using the most naturally effective ingredients possible. The anti-aging butter, anti-aging serum and our moisturizing mist use the most powerful botanical oils available today. All products are paraben-free and fragrance-free. The underlying natural earthy aroma can be detected in all products. Some products contain essential oils, which lend a citrusy aroma to the products:

    Avocado Oil [butter]: An ultra rich oil containing naturally occuring vitamins A, B1, B2, D & E. Also contains amino acids, sterols, pantothenic acid, lecithin and other essential fatty acids. Highly prized by those with skin problems such as eczema, psorasis. Recommended for those with sensitive skin, problem skin and other irritations that require vitamin rich oil.

    Apricot Oil: Sought out for its high vitamin E content and skin softening properties, apricot kernel oil is known for its ability to penetrate the skin without leaving an oily feel. Rich in essential fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acid, apricot kernel oil is high in vitamin A. Since it easily penetrates the skin, it is good oil for prematurely aged, dry or irritated skin. Vitamins A & C are good for mature dry or sensitive skin. The apricot kernel oil helps skin retain elasticity, clarity, and suppleness.

    Argan Oil: Argan oil is rare and prized oil extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree found in Morocco. This oil contains high amounts of linoleic acid, and essential fatty acid that is the precurser to vitamin E. It has been scientifically proven to correct age related skin deficiencies that cause dehydration and loss of skin elasticity. It is well known for its anti-aging, moisturizing and antioxidant properties that stimulated intracellular oxygenation, helps neutralize free radicals and protects soft tissue.

    Jojoba Oil: Jojobal oil comes from the beans of the shrub like plant simmondsia chinensis. It is prized for its molecular stability in cosmetic products and particularly wonderful for skin because it has absorption properties that are similar to our human skin sebum.

    Tamanu Oil: The oil of tamanu is extracted by a cold process method from whole organic nuts of the Polynesian Taman tree. Tamanu oil has been thoroughly researched and the conclusive evidence on its ability to heal damaged skin is overshelming. Its benefits are notable for the treatment of scarring, stretch marks, minor cuts and abrasions, rashes, sores and much more.

    Neroli Essential Oil: [orange flower] Botanical name: Citrus aurantium:
    Aroma: Light, sweet-floral fragrance with terpeny top note.
    Properties Antiboitic, antidepressant, antiseptic, calmative, mature and sensitive skin, scars, skin care, stretch marks, wrinkles

    Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil: [may chang]
    Aroma: Spicy, lemon, citrus with vegetative notes
    Properties: Acne, anxiety, arrhythmia, dermatitis, stress, general tonic

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    Date: 1/8/2011
    Anti-Acne Gel
    Description: Our light, herbal, oil-free & anti-acne gel complex made from plant extracts. Recommended to treat skin with high levels of sebum production and follicular inflammation, itching and loss of hydration. Also effective for acne treatment. Improves skin appearance. Fragrance free.
    Packaging: .67oz natural bottle with capped black treatment pump
    Use: Apply mornings & evenings. Use 1-2 pump doses to apply a thin layer on the entire face.
    Ingredients: distilled water, triglicerides, cornstarch, propylene glyclol, water, watercress extract, sage extract, burdock root extract, lemon peel extract, ivy extract, saponaria extract, bladderwrack extract, sodium acrylate, acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, isohexadecane, polysorbate 80, preservative [phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, potassium sorbate, hexylene glycol]

    Moisturizing Mist
    Description: Our light moisturizing mist revives the skin with a blend of exotic botanicals, anti-aging hydrators and aromatic citrus essential oils. It tones and soothes while setting or enhancing makeup, leaving the skin looking vibrant and refreshed. Keep one at home and one in your purse for 'round the clock hydration, rejuvenation and protection against the elements.
    Packaging: .67oz natural bottle with capped black spray mister
    Use: apply as needed to add moisture to skin. Over makeup helps to set powders. Avoid Eyes!
    Ingredients: distilled water, avocado oil, argan oil, tamanu oil, essential oils, preservative [phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, potassium sorbate, hexylene glycol]

    Anti-Aging Serum
    Description: Powerful, concentrated exotic botanical oils, anti-aging hydrators and aromatic citrus essential oils combined in a synergistic formula aimed to counteract the wrinkling and thinning of skin due to aging and environmental factors.
    Packaging: .67oz natural bottle with capped black treatment pump
    Use: Apply evenings for a revitalizing and firming lift. Use 1-2 pump doses on the entire face, neck and décolleté after cleansing. Top with anti-aging butter for extremely dry skin.
    Ingredients: avocaco oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, tamanu oil, essential oil, preservative [phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, potassium sorbate, hexylene glycol]

    Anti-Aging Butter
    Description: Powerful, concentrated exotic botanical oils & butters, anti-aging hydrators and aromatic citrus essential oils combined in a synergistic formula aimed to counteract the wrinkling and thinning of skin due to aging and environmental factors in a thick rich butter.
    Packaging: 2oz natural low profile jar with lined black screw lid
    Use: apply a thin layer to clean dry skin as need to moisturize skin. Use over our serum for extremely dry skin.
    Ingredients: distilled water, apricot oil, argan oil, tamanu oil, avocado butter, beeswax, carnuba wax, gum arabic essential oil, sodium acrylate, acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, isohexadecane, polysorbate 80, [phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, potassium sorbate, hexylene glycol]

    Dead Sea Black Mineral Mud
    Description: Also known as black gold, mineral rich Dead Sea Mud provides healing properties and is wonderful for dull skin, rosacea, acne, eczema, psoriasis! Dead Sea Mud will thoroughly cleanse the skin by absorbing any remnants of dead skin, oil and dirt from the pores, imparting a refreshing and invigorating sensation to the skin. A natural earthy aroma. Fragrance free.
    Packaging: 2oz natural low profile jar with lined black screw lid
    Use: Apply 1TBL of mud in a thin layer to a clean wet face avoiding eye and mouth, let dry for 10-15 minutes, rinse with warm water.Ingredients: 100% black sea mineral mud-origin: Israel

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    Date: 7/27/2010
    Title: Simple, Soft & Smoky Eyes
    August 2010 Issue of Allure Magazine has a great article on creating a soft smoky eye instead of the traditional dramatic black smoky eye. Using lighter neutral shades of either matte or shimmering eyeshadows you can also create this look.
    Some 3 shade color combination suggestions follow-or create your own:

    Cream smudged across lid, Tiger Tan in the crease & Cocoa along lashes
    Beige smudged across lid, Bark in the crease & Espresso along lashes
    Orchid smudged across lid, Plumsmoke in the crease, Smoke along lashes

    Nude Shimmer smudged across lid, Salmon in the crease & Cashmere along lashes
    Amber smudged across lid, Suede in the crease & Black Diamonds along lashes
    Peony smudged across lid, VioletPearls in the crease & Midnight Blue along lashes

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    Date: 2/15/2010
    Our shipping charges DO NOT include customs, duties and/or taxes that may be charged by your country. All international customers are required to contact their customs office and/or postal authority to find out what additional charges you may have to pay when you receive your package.

    We have found it necessary to categorize overseas shipping into low risk [EU: European Union*, Israel, Australia & Japan] and high risk [All Other] countires. For low risk countries[ EU: European Union*, Israel, Australia & Japan] you have the option to have your package shipped by 1st Class International Mail or Priority International Mail. For high risk countries [all countries other than EU, Israel, Australia and Japan] we ship by PRIORITY INTERNATIONAL MAIL only which offers tracking. These measures are subject to change as we evaluate how effective they are in insuring that our customers receive their orders, at an affordable rate and yet protect our company from liability due to loss, pilferage and theft.

    Paypal offers our customers Buyer Protection if your package is lost or stolen. This means that when your account is credited for a lost package, we are charged back for it. We cannot afford to pay these costs for lost or stolen packages. The surcharge should allow us to continue to ship to our customers in high risk countries. Please fell free to contact us if you have any questions or your country is low risk, but not identified as such:

    *Countries in the EU include
    ¡Czech Republic
    ¡United Kingdom

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    Date: 6/18/2009
    Title: The 5 Minute Smokey Eye
    The "Smokey Eye" remains a popular trend and is an easy look to accomplish. You can do a quick semi-smokey eye, instructions follow or go all out with a full smokey eye.

    There are a few keys to remember for a perfect smokey eye: The smokey eye is about where you place the eyeshadows, not what colors you use. A smokey eye can be any combination of colors. Blend edges where colors meet

    Easy 3 Shade Step-By-Step Instructions
    A quick classic brown semi-smokey eye can be accomplished by applying a mid-tone brown eyeshadow over the entire eyelid, extended above the crease. Apply black eyeliner to rim the upper eyelid following the curvature of the eye. Apply dark-tone brown eyeshadow to the outer lid and blend up above crease, blending all edges well. Apply dark brown eyeshadow to rim the lower eyelid following the curvature of the eye. Follow with 2-3 coats of black mascara.

    Shade Ideas:
    For a matte classic brown semi-smokey eye: Tiger Eye Tan, Ebony and Cocoa
    For a shimmering classic brown semi-smokey eye: Amber Mist, Black Diamonds and Suede

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    Date: 5/8/2009
    Our graphics have had a makeover by Studio Beck Design and we are thrilled with the results. Bravo Beckie! We have been busy in our own graphics department re-designing product photos and performing a general spring cleaning. Don't be surprised to see further changes in the near future. Discontinued shades will also be making their way to our Clearance Sale dept. during the upcoming summer months. To all our mother's out there,


    Nancy Erb,

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    Date: 4/15/2009
    Title: 5 Minutes to Natural Mineral Beauty
    Start with a clean face allowing moisturizer time to absorb into your skin. Accent the positive by following these guidelines:

    1. FOUNDATION: Using a powder that matches your skin tone, apply in center of face, blending out to hairline & under jaw. Don’t forget eyelids & ears!

    2. CONCEALER-Eyes: Using one shade lighter than your foundation, brush or use your finger to apply lightly to discolorations in eye area including inner corner and crease under eye. Use a light touch!

    3. CONCEALER-Face: Using a shade that matches your skin tone, apply powder directly on the spot you want to disappear, blending out edges.

    4. FINISHING VEIL: Apply a sheer coat of finishing veil with a brush over entire face to set makeup and place a veil of light refracting powder to give a flawless appearance to your face.

    5. GLOW: Brush this shimmering highlighter onto the top of your cheeks, inside corner of eye and under brow.

    6. BLUSH: Brush this brightening color right onto the apple of your cheeks and sweep up to hairline.

    7. BRONZER: Brush onto cheeks, nose, chin and forehead for a sun kissed glow. Sweep under cheeks to add definition and warmth to face.

    8. EYELINER: Brush on dry or wet following the curvature of your eye to top and bottom lash line.

    9. EYESHADOW: With a brush or fingertip, apply a medium color onto center eyelid blending up to crease & out to inner & outer corners. Use a darker color in crease or outer corner for definition if desired.

    10. LIP COLOR: Gently line with a liner that matches your lips, then apply a sheer shimmering lip gloss.

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    Date: 3/6/2009
    Title: Avoid These Makeup Mistakes
    Allure Magazine [March 2009]

    1. Avoid foundation and concealer that is too light. It can look chalky and unflattering. Concealer should be one shade lighter than your foundation for the eye area and the same color as your foundation to touch up spots on the face.

    2. Avoid eyeliner that is overdrawn. Eyeliner is meant to be applied as close to your eyelashes as possible to give the appearance of more & thicker lashes. The line does not have to be drawn in one sweep, but little hatch marks will look natural.

    3. Avoid emphasizing too many features. Allure Magazine [March 2009] recommends to focus on the eyes or the lips, not both.

    4. Avoid over-shimmering. Choose just one, not all: eyes, cheeks or mouth.

    5. Avoid adding mascara to bottom lashes, lashes should look natural, not spikey.

    6. Avoid whiting out the brow bone. It is pretty to put highlighter just under the brow, but if it is too light it looks chalky, unflattering and over-done. Make sure you use a sheer see-thru powder.

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    Date: 1/16/2009
    Title: Sales and New Product Alerts
    In 2009 we plan to send monthly emails offering special sales and alerts as well as new product information to our website customers. On your order form is a sign up Y/N to opt in for this email. Please indicate Y on this line to be included in our monthly emails. If you are not ordering immediately, but still want to be put on our list, please email your request. If you have received the monthly email and wish to be removed from the list please contact us.

    email contact for email opt-in or removal:

    Date: 1/16/2009
    Title: Nano Particle Information
    Recently I have received several inquiries about whether nano particles are used in our makeup. Please be assured that we do not use any micronized minerals. Also, no nano particles are used in our makeup based upon the following information. As I understand it, to be safe all ingredients should be above .1 micron. None of the ingredients we use are below .1 micron. We use an oil dispersible titanium dioxide that is 1.0 - 1.7 microns in particle size, not a micronized titanium dioxide. We have switched to a high micron zinc oxide. The lo micron zinc oxide we previously used averaged .31 micron, still above the danger level. The sericite we use extensively in is 3-5 microns.

    Once you begin reading the labels, you will notice that Titanium Dioxide (sometimes listed as Ti02) is a primary ingredient in most mineral-based makeup—in fact, it is a common ingredient in many natural skin care products sold in health food stores. Recent studies have advised of strong health risks associated with using Titanium Dioxide in “nano-particle form in powdered mineral makeup" because when applied, the inhaled Titanium Dioxide nano-particles had a similar effect as asbestos and could cause lung cancer. Does this mean that all mineral cosmetics then are unsafe? The answer again depends on the brand and its formulation. Nano-sized particles, also referred to as micronized particles, are used in some mineral formulations, but not all, so again it is necessary to do your homework and learn which brands avoid the use of micronized or nano particles in their ingredients.

    1 micron (also called a micrometer) is 1 millionth of a meter
    1 nanometer is 1 billionth of a meter
    It takes 1,000 nanometers to equal 1 micron.

    Titanium Dioxide: 1.0 to 1.7 microns = 1,000-1,700 nanometers
    Zinc Oxide, low-micron: 0.31 microns = 310 nanometers

    Matter with a diameter less the 10 microns but greater than 2.5 microns are known as Particulate Matter 10 micron fraction (PM10), Particulate Matter with a diameter less than 2.5 but greater than 0.1 microns is known as Particulate Matter 2.5 micron fraction (PM 2.5), particles with a diameter of less than .1 microns are considered as the ultrafine particle fraction (UFP) or Nanoparticles. UFP/Nanoparticles is where the issue lies and more testing on safety needs to be done.

    0.1 microns = 100 nm
    0.07 microns - may enter the alveolar surfaces of the lung
    0.05 microns - may enter cells
    0.03 microns - may enter the central nervous system
    <0.02 microns - no comprehensive scientific data as yet

    The above information was compiled from several sources available to me and is for general informational purposes only. If you want more information, please search the internet for research and studies that are published either online or in book form.

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    Date: 11/12/2008

    Even out skin tone. Spots and blotches are more noticeable on pale skin. Correct these imperfections with concealer to match your foundation. Use cream and earth tones for daytime eyeshadows [cream, beige, tiger-eye tan]. Warmer tones will play up the light color of your eyes. For night consider smokey eyes [orchid, plumsmoke, smoke, violet pearls] and [ebony] eyeliner


    Just a touch of blush can add a little life to brown eyes [tiger-rose blush]. For a natural daytime eyeshadow look use champagne or amber mist. Apply over the entire lid to create a luminous effect. Define the shape of your eye with [cocoa or espresso] eyeliner. For night divide your eyelid into 2 equal sections. On the outer half apply a darker shade-the inner half the lighter shade. Add a touch of gold to the inner corners of your eyes. Eyebrows frame your face, don't forget to define them!


    Use a highlighter on your face [radiant glow] and balance it with a dark bronzing powder [rio! bronzer]. Eyeshadow shades for daytime that bring out your eyes and brighten your skin are lighter pastel shades [Illusion series: SilverViolet, CopperBronze, VintageGold]. For night: metallic! Use a gold or copper shadow and line your eyes with [espresso or ebony] eyeliner. Use a vanilla pencil on the inner rim of your eyes to give you an extra gleam.


    Set your foundation with a satin finish illuminating powder [Radiant Glow]. A deeper blush will help make your eyes pop [Sunset Strip]. For night, black eyeliner is non-negotiable for you. Combine with gemtone eyeshadows [diamond turquoise, sapphire, amethyst].

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    Date: 11/12/2008
    Advice on how to keep your makeup routine working for you.

    Your skin tone will have changed by 1-2 shades lighter by now since you are exposing it less frequently to the sun. You need to adjust your foundation to better match your skin tone. Many women don't notice this and don't change their foundation, but they should! One way to change foundation for a changing skin tone is to continue to use your current foundation shade, but take the next 1-2 shades lighter foundation and brush it lightly over the t-zone, as you would a bronzer. Eventually increasing the newer shade and decreasing the old shade. Practice this to get the right look for your changing skin tone.

    With the lighter skin tones this fall/winter it is important to add a bit of color to your cheeks. This will help balance your eye makeup and give your paler skin a color boost.

    Eye makeup is so much fun in the cooler seasons! Especially at night, you can express your self and moods with eyeshadow shades and combinations. The most popular eyeshadow looks this season are SMOKEY EYES, METALLICS, GEMTONES.

    Specific color tips are outlined in a following newletter.

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    Date: 8/1/2008
    Title: Vacation Makeup
    Bronzing powder is perfect for mattifying and intensifying the bronzed tones of a tan. If your skin is greasy, go for products with a matte finish [Rio Matte Bronzer]; if you have normal, combination, or dry skin, choose one with a shimmering finish [Aloha Shimmering Bronzer]. Remember that you can also use bronzing powder on your cheeks: simply use a smaller brush and apply from your hairline to your nose, following the natural line of your cheekbone. You can play up your tan by applying a touch of blush to the apples of your cheeks.

    A touch of concealer in the inner corners of your eyes will open your eyes and blend away circles (if you have a tan), without having to apply make up the entire eye contour. To lift your lid, apply another touch of concealer on the browbone as you would a highlighter. If you are tan, be sure that the color isn't too light or your look will no longer be a natural one.

    Your eyes only need a couple of coats of mascara - brown for a natural finish or black for more intensity.

    Finally, leave your lips nude, but well-moisturized. Use lipgloss for added volume.

    [Thanks fo Elite Pro Makeup Courses for this information extracted from their newsletter]

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    Date: 5/3/2008
    Title: Spring/Summer Makeup
    'Less is More' and this is especially true in spring/summer makeup. Here are some techniques for you to consider:


    Applying a thin coat of our facePRIME Pore Reducing Silk Primer before foundation will help your foundation to last longer and helps you achieve a finished look. For those with especially oily skin, use face Control powder instead, which will absorb the excess oil on your skin.


    Put some foundation on your brush, puff or sponge to apply it little by little over your face. Start in the middle and blend outward bit by bit. Use very little product and gradually build it up in areas where you need more coverage (imperfections, blemishes, etc.). Blend carefully around your eyes. Always use a foundation that's the same shade as your skin. If you'd like to make your skin look more bronzed, do it with bronzing powder, not your foundation.


    Once you've applied foundation, it's time to correct undereye circles. Use less product than you normally would. You won't need as much since you are applying it over your foundation. Unlike with the foundation, you will use a brush to apply the concealer. Apply concealer to your darkened areas around the eye only.


    Adds silken translucent finish to your mineral makeup foundation application that will give that flawless appearance to your face. Apply a sheer coat of powder over entire face to blend and set makeup and give a flawless appearance to your face


    The eyebrows are important because they make your eyes more attractive. Always keep your eyebrows perfectly shaped and groomed. Comb them upwards and use a pencil or a powder to fill them in. Remember to use very little product so as to avoid a harsh look. Always use the same shade as your natural haircolor.
    Next, draw a line just under your brows using a light concealer. This touch adds a little lift and an alert look to your eyes. You can also use a shimmer glow highlighter under the brow.


    Apply shadow to your lid in a light shade that merely colors the lid, but doesn't weigh it down, such as cream, honey, champagne, perfectly pink, salmon, apricot, etc. Don't make up your lower lid. Leave it clean. You can also apply a bit of vanilla-colored pencil to the inner rim of your eyes to open them up even more.


    Curl your lashes and apply a double coat of mascara. It's very important that the mascara isn't at all clumpy. To remove clumps, comb your lashes with a lash brush or a clean mascara brush.

    Make your skin POP try these professional techniques:


    Now use a glow that's slightly lighter than your skin, applying it to your cheekbones, chin, and forehead, and blending it lightly with your fingertips. This will add light to your face. The idea is to brighten your face. It shouldn't be obvious. Remember that less is more.


    To finish, apply powder blush to the apples of your cheeks. Try it – you'll see how quickly it adds freshness to your face. Blend well. Remember that you're going for a natural look that you can still see.


    Choose a natural-looking bronzing powderand apply it the tops of cheeks, bridge of nose and lightly across forehead and chin. Blend edges out well to achieve a natural looking sun-kissed glow.


    Use blush or bronzing powder (very trendy this season) to contour the face. Choose a natural-looking matte shade and apply it the hollows of your cheeks and lightly on your temples and chin. Your goal is to give form to the surface of your face, while at the same time making it look more oval-shaped. Blend well so only a slight shading effect can be seen.


    The final step is to apply a moisturing gloss to your lips. If it is a special occasion or if you need more color in your face, you can use lipstick in a berry or orange tone.

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    Date: 4/28/2008
    Title: APRIL 2008
    Due to customer request, we have completed development and have to offer you:
    *LIGHT PEARLESCENT FINISHING VEIL. This is a slightly shimmering veil product in the Perfectly Bare shade range. Offered as a sample, 12g refill, 1oz bulk and packaged in a 30g sifter jar. It is beautiful! Try some today ~ Perfect for summer!

    *Sierra Matte Bronzer has been replaced with RIO! Matte Bronzer
    *Fair/Light-Neutral is our only offering in this level, Cool & Warm discontinued.
    *Glows & Eyeshadows/Liners are being evaluated for elimination this summer.

    Get*Real products contain all natural real ingredients. We offer a skin serum that is 100% Botanical Olive Squalane Oil. Our eye butter ingredients are so delicious you could eat it [Distilled Water, Avocado Butter, Beeswax Pastilles, Jojoba Oil, Olive Squalane Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, coenzyme Q10]. Moisturizing mist rounds out the trio. We hope to expand this offering to include a face cream and change the packaging for the Fall2008/Winter2009 season.

    Why be concerned with using real ingredients on your face? Everything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body. Beware of these ingredients:

    Parabens: Synthetic preservatives that may disrupt endocrines

    Sulfates [Sodim Lauryl/Larueth Sulfate]: Synthetic cleansing agents that can potentially remove natural oils from the lipid layer of your skin.

    Petrochemicals [Petrolatum/Mineral Oil/Paraffin]: Non-renewable crude oil by-products with potential impurities.

    Chemical Sunscreens [Oxybenzone/Avobenzone]: Synthetic sunscreens that are absorbed into the body with potential hormone balance disruption.

    We now offer Sales Aids for our wholesale customers. If this proves popular, we will increase our product offerings in this category. We have in stock the acrylic counter displays and Mineral Makeup signs. Perfect for salons & spas as well as summer fairs/fetes/markets. The counter display holds an assortment of mineral makeup jar sizes and products. The optional Mineral Makeup sign is generic and offered in several styles. For more details, look under the TOOLS category, SALES AIDS.


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    Date: 2/23/2008
    Rather than clutter up your inbox with news, I have decided to do a quarterly newsletter accessible to you from this blog, issued in conjunction with the seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter.

    Wholesale customers will notice that I have increased the product offering to help them package and sell their products, available under TOOLS. I have an ongoing interest to improve our wholesale presence. Please look for an increase in select products offered here over time.

    It is enjoyable to prepare an order for shipping to faraway places. My workmat is a laminated world map and I always look-up where my customers reside. Although packages sent First Class International Mail have an estimated delivery of 6-10 days, packages can take 3-4 weeks for delivery.

    PACKAGING- I have eliminated the 10 gram jar option for all our makeup:

    Face & Color products are now packaged in the 30 & 20 gram sifter jar [respectively] with an elegant black rim clear cap. Quite frankly, it is just too awkward using the 10 gram size and I am sure you will much prefer these sizes. Our powder content will be changed to fill to the shoulder of the jar to eliminate over-filling the jars with powder.

    Eye products are now limited to being packaged in the 5 gram sifter jar with a solid black shiny cap. The eye products last a long time, and as the industry recommends discarding eye products after 6 months, we will commit to this size. Minerals are inorganic, but continued use introduces body oils through your brush/finger and I would prefer you be safe. If you want more powder, consider ordering the 12gram refill ziplock bag.

    As before, all products are available in ziplock bags for samples, refills & bulk. Also, I will be offering the empty 10 gram clear base/cap sifter jars.

    The new Spring2008 eyeshadow shades are now available in Chai, Honey, Apricot, Prim, Lilac & Aqua. The intent was to create a muted/shaded semi-matte eyeshadow. The result is a satiny/shimmering grouping that is very wearable and blendable in nicely muted colors. If they prove popular, I will make them a permanent shade selection. A new blush, bronzer and bronzing blush are in development.

    I am re-evaluating all shades and over the next month will be discontinuing several in all categories to make room for the new.

    As with new lots of any product, when my makeup is produced, exact duplicates of shades is nearly impossible. My raw minerals are not always uniform. Also, an ongoing effort is made to improve the texture and color of shades. It is planned to produce the most popular products in larger quantities so that those lots are available over a longer time frame.

    The best tip I can give you is this: Acquire skills in how to apply makeup for day and night wear. Don't expect the skills you learned at age 15 to carry you through your lifetime. As we age, skill becomes even more important in looking fabulous. There are many books & videos available online, at bookstores & your local library [plus, my website].

    I will be updating the newsletters throughout the seasons, so check back often.



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