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Bare and Natural Blush

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#547  Mineral Blush, Glow & Bronzer

The color swatch of blush, glow and bronzers is on fair skin, left to right, as described below.

Bare & Natural semi-Matte Blush is a warm fresh and light matte blush shade that gives you that natural 'flushed' look that perfectly compliments most complexions.

Bare & Sexy Semi-Matte Blush is a sexy blush in a muted rose shade with a trace of shimmer that gives a hightened excited hue to the face that is perfect for all complexions.

Rose Beige Blush is a neutral warm earthy rose shade that can also be used as a light bronzer.  Very versatile andperfectly compliments most complexions.

Bronze Mineral Glow is a shimmering bronze glow with a light softening finish.

Sunkiss Mineral  Bronzer -  an amber bronzer with a silky soft matte finish!

Tan Mineral  Bronzer a tan bronzer with a silky soft matte finish!





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